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NEW Srixon ZX7 MKII Driver

NEW Srixon ZX7 MKII Driver

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Shaft & Flex


Product Overview:

  • Model: ZX7 Mk II Driver
  • Target Audience: Golfers seeking maximum adjustability in a compact design
  • Key Features: Swappable heel and toe weights, adjustable hosel sleeve for precise launch conditions
  • Design: Compact shape for maximum workability and complex shotmaking


  • Rebound Frame:
    • Features two flex zones, unlike most drivers with just one.

    • Increases ball speed by elevating COR across the face, acting like a spring within a spring.

  • Dual Flex Zones:

    • Flexible face made from advanced Ti51AF Titanium alloy for exceptional speed.

    • Second flexible zone with a thin titanium ring in the driver body for additional flex.

  • Adjustability:

    • Swappable weight ports on the heel and toe.

    • Allows adjustment of swing weight and Center of Gravity to favor draw or fade shapes.

  • Star Frame Crown:

    • Complex ridges and latticework provide structural integrity.

    • Enables a remarkably thin titanium crown.

  • Variable Thickness Face:

    • Intricate thickness pattern on the backside of the Ti51AF driver face.

    • Expands high COR areas from heel to toe, improving energy transfer on off-center shots.

  • Note:

    • Wrench Not Included

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